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Adam Goodrich

CEO, Founder

Adam is an award-winning technologist with over twenty years experience in the IT industry, including two years in Silicon Valley / USA.

He is a commercially oriented visionary who thrives on challenge, is people focused, and loves leading teams to envision, create and operate solutions that deliver real value to organisations and their customers.

Keenly entrepreneurial in nature he co-founded C4 Communication in 2001. C4 quickly grew to be one of Australia’s leading digital agencies, touching one in four Australians every month. C4 was sold to the Photon Group in February 2007.

After selling C4 Adam created the Behavioural Technology Group to explore his ideas around behaviour and technology. At its heart, the outcomes we and our organisations get are the result of the behaviours we do, so if we change our behaviour then it stands to reason that we can get different outcomes.

BTek leverages the latest research and technology to facilitate the delivery of practical outcomes. It provides thought leadership, coaching, technology and services, and partners with domain experts to deliver solutions that add value.

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