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So what is Behavioural Technology ?

The Behavioural Technology Group was started after I experienced frustration managing my time.

I would make commitments, and even though i worked long and productive days I would struggle to keep them, and this was making me unpopular with my partners.

So I wrote an application that measured everything i did in my computer. It tracked which applications I used, which web sites i went to, which documents I opened, and who I was communicating with.

What I found was that I was spending time communicating both with my staff, and with our customers, and this time had not been planned for and was not being charged for. So what that measurement did was gave me insights into things that I could be doing better.

However, what i was doing was just measurement and there was no interpretation of the data being collected. So that led me to wonder, could I know what the data meant? Could the computer automatically classify what i was doing and bill for it accordingly?

As it turns out – it can, and that is what behavioural technology is all about. Behavioural technology not only measures what you are doing, it classifies it, puts a behavioural interpretation on it, and then does something meaningful with it.

The fascinating thing is that we are complex and infinitely varied creatures and the number of behaviours and contexts we can be in at any time, whether in personal or working contexts is mind boggling.

So this led to the formation of the Behavioural Technology Group. Our mission is to help people to help them selves achieve more of the things they want in their lives, and the Behavioural Technologies we are developing will help them to do it.

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