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If you could know what you, your loved ones or your staff were doing right now, what would you do with that knowledge? Would you co-ordinate and communicate, demonstrate compliance and maximise safety, or would you model excellence, guide and educate? Whatever your focus is, its all about maximising human potential. BTek offers consulting services that enable you take advantage of our expertise to grow and manage the most valuable asset you have – your human capital.

Behavioural Application Development

Measuring, interpreting and influencing behaviour isn’t easy, in fact it took a signifiant investment in time, research and development to get it right. The good news is that we can save you time and money by leveraging BTek’s team of behavioural and technology experts, and our technology base, to develop programmes and applications that are customised to your requirements, and utlimately to deliver quantifiably better personal and business outcomes.

Web & Mobile Development

BTek leverages the latest open source and commercial technologies to deliver cost effective, reliable and scalable integrated web and mobile solutions for your business. We base your solutions on the same tools and techniques that we use to develop our behavioural solutions. We understand web marketing and SEO so your solutions are designed right from day one, and we use cross platform technologies that enable us to run the same application across all major mobile operating systems.

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